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Hyundai Azera In Korean Hyundai Grandeur 5G

The 2012 New Hyundai Azera feel of unruffled composure stems from the engine’s highrefinement when doing its work. The links and sprockets on themaintenance-free timing chain were reshaped and vital components in theengine and transmission were stiffened, not just to reduce noise butalso to make the sounds you do hear more pleasant to the ear. Like anorchestra, every piece in the ensemble is in perfect tune.
Drive the Hyudai Azera and you’ll notice the sensation of having deepreserves of power its V6 engine includes technologies like ContinuouslyVariable Valve Timing and a Variable Intake System, and is generouslysized to produce strong torque at low engine speeds. Details likeiridium-tipped spark plugs and a high 10.4:1 compression ratio furtherenhance the engine’s sensitivity to your every request. Adding to this responsiveness is a six-speed automatic transmissionthat is adept at choosing the right gear at the right time. If you wantto make those decisions yourself, just move the gear selector over tothe SHIFTRONIC gate for added control.

Hyundai Azera-2012 Hyundai Grandeur 5G
Hyundai Azera-Hyundai Grandeur 5G
The Hyundai Azera in korean Hyundai Grandeur offers more features not available in North American version, such as Proximity Key with Push Button Start and Bluetoothhands-free capability. A refreshened 2010 model was released onDecember 16, 2009 that incorporated new 7 split-spoke alloy wheels, LEDtaillights, rectangular exhaust pipe designs, new side mirrors,redesigned headlights, and new front fascia and grille. New interioramenities include Alcantra leather seats and rear passenger audio andclimate controls.For model year 2011, Hyundai has restyled the Azera with new frontand rear fascias, new alloy wheels, and new fog lamps. The engines havebeen updated with dual variable valve timing and the transmission hasone more forward for a total of 6. The 3.3L V6 is now rated at 260 hpand 3.8L V6 now makes with 283 hp. The fuel economy has also beenimproved with 20/28 for 3.3 and 19/27 for 3.8(EPA rating pending).

2012 Hyundai Azera-Hyundai Grandeur 5G
The Azera features a caster angle of five degrees. That may soundlike technical minutiae, but it can significantly impact real-worlddriving by creating a more connected feel through the steering wheeland by increasing stability at highway speeds. A double-wishbone frontsuspension design was selected for its ability to provide moreconsistent grip over uneven surfaces, while also shrinking the car’sturning circle.
All the work that was done to create a refined suspension would havegone to waste if Hyundai engineers hadn’t demanded the appropriatetires, so the Azera comes exclusively on 17-inch tires that are agenerous 235 millimeters wide. You’ll appreciate their confidenttraction when cornering and braking. Encouraged by the response the Azera has received from owners, Hyundaiengineers found ways to further refine the steering and suspension for2012. After just a few minutes behind the wheel, you’ll immediatelyfeel a sense of control whether you’re cruising down the highway ordecide to go in search of some of those winding roads.

The Azera’s presence starts with standard 17-inch wheels, and theLimited wheels sporting the hyper-silver finish. The Limited model isfurther differentiated by side mirrors with embedded turn signals thatcontribute to both style and safety. The Azera’s distinctive bodyside lines frame the rear wheels like noother car on the road, while the LED tail lights that cover nearly theentire width of the vehicle give it a subtle visual signature all itsown and the chrome-tipped dual exhaust is integrated into the rearbumper. You’ll note that the trunk lock is hidden from sight so as notto blemish the styling. Open the trunk and you’ll find it nicely lined,with integrated hinges that won’t damage your cargo.

From the standard audio system on each trim level to the top-of-the-line Infinity LOGIC 7 surround sound audio system, the Azera has a stereo for every level of audiophile. surround sound processing. Plus AM/FM/XMTurn your Azera Limited into a symphony hall. 12 speakers, 605 watts of power, and Infinity LOGIC 7 Satellite Radio. This 315-watt Infinity audio system features XM Radio, an in-dash six-CD/MP3 player, iPod/USB and auxiliary input jacks, and 10 speakers and an external amp. This six-speaker, 172-watt system features XM Radio with a three-month subscription, plus a CD/MP3 player. With an available cable, the iPod/USB and auxiliary input jacks allow you to plug in and play your iPod through the stereo system, charging as you go.

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